Hiring the right type of car?

If you wonder what type of car do you want to hire, just call us or send us an email at info@airporttransfer-bansko.bg stating your exact needs. Our team will be more that willing to help you with your questions and doubts. We will provide you the most suitable vehicle.

The only thing we could not help with is the transmission. We recommend that you hire a car with the same type of transmission that you are used to. It may seem easy to switch from manual to automatic, but the problem is that even after hours of driving, out of habit you may press the brakes hard and cause an accident. Switching from a manual to automatic transmission is something you should avoid.

Fuel Type and Fuel policy
We recommend that you rent a car you are mostly familiar with. If your car runs on petrol, it should be petrol. It will save you a lot of hassle and worries. We had cases when customer put diesel into petrol car and vice versa, so just do what is right. We stick to the full to full policy rule.

Whatever vehicle you choose you should consider one with enough space for all luggage and passengers.

Once you submit a request you will receive a confirmation email whether we will be able to provide you the car at the requested location. If we can’t we will find you a partner company service at the same price range.