How old do I have to be to rent a car?

According to the Bulgarian law you need to be 18 years old to have a right to drive a car. For most rent a car companies, the age requirement is 21. and we would look to stick to that policy. We had problems with young, inexperienced drivers before and we would prefer to stick to that policy. You ca always send us request about the brand and model you want to hire and let us know about your plans. We could make an exception. We may require a young driver deposit of €36, which is fully refundable if there are no problems with the visual and technical condition of the vehicle.
Elderly people, aged over 70, should pay a surcharge, but again it is all subject to evaluation. We don’t like to discriminate our customers and charge elderly people more. We are just worried about your driving abilities, stamina and reflexes at that age. If we think that you are not a risky driver, you won’t pay a surcharge.