Airport Transfer

Private Airport transfer
A private airport transfer is a personal airport transfer or having your own private shuttle.

Direct Airport Transfer
A Direct airport transfer also known as Express transfer is a private airport transfer, which takes you directly to your destination without any stops along the way.

Shared Airport Transfer
Shared airport transfer refers to a trip which you share with passengers you may not know. We do not offer Shared transfers, but if you are travelling by yourself you may book your transfer in advance and in case a passenger is willing to share, we will offer you the option to travel together and share the costs.

Shuttle Airport Transfer
A shuttle airport transfer is a type of shared airport transfer, which is usually offered by accommodation or convention facilities located in near proximity to the airport.

Return Airport Transfer
A return Airport transfer or a two-way transfer is an airport transfer, which covers your trip from the airport to your destination and on the way back from the destination to the airport. Booking a return transfer is always a good idea. It saves you money and you avoid the hustle of booking a transfer in-resort, which often turns into a nightmare.

Pro Service 2004 Ltd:

Our company does not offer shared or shuttle airport transfers. We have tried to provide these types of airport transfer, but the quality of service we want to provide to our customers has been many times compromised due to circumstances that are beyond our reach. We strongly recommend that you avoid any form of shared airport transfer.
Pro Service 2004 Ltd. provides private, direct, also known as express, one way or return airport transfers to a destination of choice. Stops are upon request and as many as you demand. We have built this business to serve you and we are ready to customise the service to your needs.
Pro Transfer 2004 Ltd.