Drink and Drive


Pro Service 2004 Ltd. is your local Drink & Drive solution. The only thing you need is to call us at +359 898 631984
If you are tipsy or for some reason unable to drive we will send a driver to take you home or to a destination of your choice with a fully comprehensive insurance. All you need to do is to point your location and state the exact time. Our drivers are second to none knowing it all in the area, so regardless where you are staying or you want to be picked up from, you may be sure that they will be on time.
Bansko is a great party place and so are the local restaurants in Dobrinishte, Razlog or Banya. The party can start anytime and we know it all as we use our own service quite often ourselves. We have customers who call us late in the  afternoon. They felt tired skiing and went for a couple of drinks at Banderishka Polyana. Others who call us in the evening stayed for a Dj Party at the Happy End Bar by the Gondola, got tipsy at the hot mineral pools and so on. Most of our customers call us at night of course. There are so many hotels in Bansko and in the area and all of these customers want to visit friends, have drinks at the lobby or go that particular restaurant or nightclub. If you are staying far from the center taking a taxi is not a solution. To get your car back you have to take it both ways, which will cost you more than getting to resort in your own car and call us once you are ready to go back. IN MOST CASES WE BEAT THE RETURN  TAXI FARES WITH AT LEAST 20%!!!


  • 2.5 BGN/€1.35/£1.15 per kilometer
  • 0.3 BGN/€0.16/£0.14 per minute
  • 15 BGN minimal
  • 0.00 BGN call
  • Waiting tax
  • 0.30 BGN/€0.16/£0.14 per minute after the first 10 minutes
  • The driver will patiently wait for you, but it happens often that customers want to stay a bit longer and finish that last drink. In such a case, please give us a call.

Flat Rates:

  • Bansko ↔ Dobrinishte
  • Bansko ↔ Razlog
  • Bansko ↔ Banya
  • Bansko ↔ Bachevo
  • Bansko ↔ Godlevo

Bansko — Resort Hotels:

  • Bansko ↔ 3 Mountains Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Katarino Spa Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Pirin Golf Hotel & Spa
  • Bansko ↔ Redenka Holiday Club

Bansko — Pirin Golf Course Area:

  • Bansko ↔ Aspen Resort
  • Bansko ↔ Green Wood & Spa Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Cornelia Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Cornelia Deluxe Residence
  • Bansko ↔ Eco House
  • Bansko ↔ Murite Club Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Terra Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Villa Martina Pirin Golf

Bansko — Banya:

  • Bansko ↔ Aquilon Residence & Spa
  • Bansko ↔ Hot Springs Medical & Spa
  • Bansko ↔ Izgreva Hotel Complex
  • Bansko ↔ Karpe Diem Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Luxury Chalet & Spa Tia Maria
  • Bansko ↔ Seven Seasons Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Spa Vita Springs Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Thermo Hotel Aspa Villa
  • Bansko ↔ Thermo Spa

Bansko — Dobrinishte:

  • Bansko ↔ Alpha Spa & Pool
  • Bansko ↔ Makedonska Kruchma Hotel
  • Bansko ↔ Babuch Mehana
  • Bansko ↔ Dobrinishte Mehana
  • Bansko ↔ Pirin Mehana
  • Bansko ↔ Ruskovets Resort

Bansko — Razlog:

  • Bansko ↔ Aspen Valley
  • Bansko ↔ Slanchevata Krachma Restaurant
  • Bansko ↔ Razloshka Maaza
  • Bansko ↔ Villa Alisa
  • Bansko ↔ Hotel Roman Bath
  • Bansko ↔ Villa Victoria Thermal Spa
Pro Transfer 2004 Ltd.