We have started our business in Bansko. The only route we were servicing was Sofia Airport ↔ Bansko, but at the end of our first season we were already servicing Sofia Airport ↔ Boroovets and Sofia Airport ↔ Pamporovo routes. Our business was growing fast and in less that three years we significantly improved our service. Soon the number of loyal customers started growing and we stopped losing any. We have made many friends who still travel with us. Our return rates are at their highest level. We are not losing customers.
Now customers using our rent a car, taxi and in-resort transportation services. With the years they started to trust us even more, and excursions, which are hard to sell due to the nature of the ski vacation and the limited time, started selling too. We have daily excursions program to Sofia, Plovdiv, Rila Monastery, Ognyanovo, Melnik and round trips reservations throughout the year. These excursions keep our fleet busy and help us sustainably run the business.
The story at the Black Sea resorts is different. The business on the coast is competitive and constantly ruined by unlicensed companies and drivers. The customer return rates are significantly lower and the challenge to run a transparent business is big.
Our mission is to establish ourselves as a company of quality and trust. There are more than 20 seaside resorts, most of which times bigger than our winter ones. Only Sunny Beach, which is our biggest seaside resort offers accommodation at 400 hotels, which is twice as many as those in Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo combined. We like what we do and we will do our best to succeed.

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