Sofia Airport is Bulgaria’s main international airport. The airport is located only 10 km/6 miles away from the city center and has two terminals. Terminal 1 is what used to be Sofia Airport. It is a really а small terminal, which now serves only low-cost and charter carriers. Terminal was opened in 2006. It is а much bigger and modern terminal, which in 2019 handled more than 7 million passengers.


Borovets is only 70 km from Sofia, which makes it a preferable ski destination for many of capital’s citizens. It is located on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountains and 15 minutes away from the beautiful town of Samokov. Being an hour away from a 2 million city, Borovets is always busy. Many people who live and work in Sofia, keep their skis and snowboards inside the truck of their cars and hit the slopes after work. The resort offers night skiing, so finishing work at 5 or even 6 pm gives you enough time to get to Borovets and ski for 3 to 4 hours. All people who hate to travel long and want to hit the slopes as fast as possible pick up Borovets over Bansko. The airport transfer is an hour shorter and Sofia is closer to visit.


Borovets is the oldest ski resort in Bulgaria. It’s history dates back to the end of the 19th century when the surrounding forests were used as a hunting place by the the Bulgarian Kings. Bulgarian Kniaz Ferdinand built a hunting residence in the area. The area became popular among the Bulgarian elites who built chalets and cottages on their own. Initially the place was known as Chamkoria, or pine trees area in Turkish. In 1942 it was named Borovets, which means exactly the same, but in Bulgarian, after the Bulgarian word for pine tree ‘bor’.
Borovets was special, many of its hotels were built following the Les Arcs model in Savoie. The model was invented in France and many of the hotels in the Alps built in the 60s and 70s inspired the ones in Bulgaria. For decades it was Bulgaria’s biggest and most popular ski resort and it was only recently that Bansko claimed that praise. It was the only resort with a cabin lift, its hotels and infrastructure were by far superior to those of the other Bulgarian ski resorts.
Borovets was hugely invested. Econic hotels like Rila and Samokov, built in the 80s, offer big indoor swimming pools, spa centers, spacious rooms, congress facilities, night clubs and luxury, which are hard to beat my many, newly built 5 star hotels.

Ski Zone

Built on the northern slopes of the Musala ridge, the ski zone is a pure beauty. It features 24 trails, all serviced by modern lift and drag facilities, a beautiful ski road and many charming restaurants for a break. There are trails for all tastes and ability level. Beginner to expert skiers are equally pleased by choice and beauty. Borovets has been a host of a European Ski Cup starts 12 times with the latest start taking place in February 2016.
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