Pamporovo is much smaller and quieter resort than Borovets and Bansko. It does not have as many trails or hotels, nor it offers that much of entertainment, but the resort has a charm on its own. Where Pamporovo truly excels is its climate. The winter is mild. It is never windy or really cold, which makes it suitable for families and elderly people. All of its hotels are located amidst Norway spruce and pine tree forests, sometimes quite far from each other. Its fresh air is second to none in Bulgaria and just a walk amidst these trees can make for a perfect day. There are not as many restaurants as there are in Borovets and especially in Bansko, but all of them offer excellent meat or vegetable specialties and excellent atmosphere.


Pamporovo is located in the southern part of the Rhodope Mountains, which is officially the sunniest mountain in Bulgaria. It is only 80 km away from Plovdiv, and in а near proximity to the beautiful towns of Smolyan and Chepelare.

Ski Zone

The Rhodope Mountain is the sunniest and most beloved mountain among Bulgarian and foreign families. It offers over 30 km/18 miles of ski trails, especially suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. Most of the ski trails are the slopes of mount Snezhanka /1926 m/ and vary in length of up to 6 km. Guests staying in Pamporovo enjoy free shuttle to Mechi Chal, which is known among Bulgarians as Ski Zone Chepelare.
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