Plovdiv Airport – Bansko

Airport Transfer Description

Description: The distance between Bansko and Plovdiv Airport is 186 km or 116 miles, which during the summer can be covered in less than 3 hours. During the winter it is always it is snowy or icy, which limits the speed and makes overtakings risky. There are two alternative routes. The one via Belovo is half an hour shorter, but the road is poorly maintained. We prefer the one via Velingrad, which is famous as the spa capital of Bulgaria. It is after Velingrad that we start crossing the mountains, which makes it an excellent place for a stop. It is a difficult airport transfer both for the customers and the driver as the road is narrow and curves through the Rhodope mountains. At night there is not much to be seen and it is just a long, exhausting trip, but travelling daytime will give you the chance to see the true  beauty of the mountain.

Stops: Velingrad/Upon request

Your return transfer Bansko to Plovdiv Airport

Normal weather and road conditions

The return transfer pick up time is either stated in your reservation or you have negotiated it with the driver when he left your at your destination point. If you want to change that time please call us as early as possible or send us email at

Bad weather and road conditions

  • heavy rainfall, snowfall or fog
  • snowy or icy roads
  • heavy traffic, construction works or road incidents

A member of our customer support team will contact you if we think that you should leave Bansko earlier. Your transfer can take much longer and we don’t want you to miss your flight. Give yourself enough time to pack your luggage and check out. If you have excessive luggage please call customer support at +359 889 320292
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